Levitra and hearing loss

Way back in 2007, there were confirmed cases in which men using the little blue pills found their hearing affected. In almost all cases, this was just a temporary reduction in the volume. In one or two cases, hearing was lost completely for a short time. Based on these reports, the FDA changed the labels to warn of the possibility, but little follow-up was done. We now see the publication of the first serious piece of research to test whether there is a relationship between the little blue pills and your hearing.

To understand the problem, we need a short history. The erectile dysfunction drugs are designed to affect phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5). We have known about phosphodiesterase for some time and it comes in eleven different versions depending on the part of the body where it’s supposed to work. It was first used to treat angina, a constriction of the blood vessels in the lungs but, during tests, the treatment horizons broadened as men reported improved sexual performance. The rest as they say, is history. We continue to use phosphodiesterase to treat angina and pulmonary arterial hypertension, while the little blue pills went on to rewrite history. There has been just the one real problem. Although these drugs are supposed to be specific to the phosphodiesterase type, it does not always work out that way in the human body. What is intended to affect the penis may end up affecting eyesight or even hearing as the flow of blood speeds up in dilating arteries.

The latest study recruited 11,525 men and followed them over three years. It’s pleasing to see such a large number of participants studied at length. This makes the clinical research far more credible. The findings are quite surprising. Men taking the little blue pills were twice as likely to lose their hearing as men taking the placebo. Thus, the original warning issued by the FDA is confirmed and, for the first time, we have a realistic assessment of the risk.

Now before you all panic, we need to point out the obvious. This is research into the little blue pills. For the record, Levitra was not studied and it’s actually designed to work in a slightly different way. Although it also inhibits phosphodiesterase type 5 in the penis, there’s absolutely no evidence to link this drug with a real risk of hearing loss. However, to ensure your sex lives are safe, we should tell you what to look for. In general life, have you noticed any change in your ability to hear? Do you miss what friends and family say? Have you begun to turn up the volume on the TV? The most common symptom of hearing loss is a ringing sound. If any of this “sounds” like you, go consult your regular doctor. There’s no sense in taking any chances. The usual test is called an audiogram and it quickly shows whether you are losing your hearing. This may be for completely different reasons. Do not assume this is connected with buying Levitra. With a little care, your hearing can be protected and sex can continue uninterrupted.